Everyday Life

It’s important to remember that your multiple sclerosis (MS) doesn’t rule your life. At times, the thought of living with MS every day may feel scary, but with the right management and regular contact with your MS Team, you can still do all the things you love and rediscover what is truly important to you.

Taking things one step at a time can often help, and here you’ll find advice and support to help you live your life, your way with MS.

Daily activities and MS

Life with MS can vary day to day. Some days feel much harder than others, when even the simplest tasks can seem overwhelming thanks to fatigue and other symptoms. But small actions could ease some of the pressures you feel. Watch this video for more information.

Daily activities and MS video thumb

Daily activities and MS

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Mental health

We know that living with MS can take its toll on your emotional well-being. Find advice and tips to help you to tackle the emotional ups and downs here.

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