My MS Resources

Multiple sclerosis (MS) can be a rollercoaster of physical and emotional ups and downs. It can be unpredictable, so having the right resources and information can really help.

My MS Space has three different resources that you can use at anytime, anywhere, whether you’re living with MS or supporting someone with the condition:

CleoTM – a health and wellbeing app designed specifically for people with MS, to support health and wellbeing in daily life.

The effects of MS vary from person to person, but with CleoTM you can feel supported in managing your MS, your way. CleoTM will help you keep track of your daily life with MS, provide you with the latest MS news and information and much more. Please go and explore!

ACT MySelf – an emotional wellbeing tool for people with MS.

Living with a long-term condition like MS can be emotionally challenging. Some days you feel fine, and others it can feel like your emotions are overwhelming. Using ACT MySelf won’t take your emotions away, but it could help you feel more in control.

1MSg – Knowing what options are available to you can help reassure you that your MS is being managed in the best way for you. 1MSg shares information about why regular appointments with your MS Team is one of the most important ways to do this.