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Understanding of MS and how to manage it has significantly evolved over recent years and is continually developing. Regular engagement with your MS Team is one of the best ways to keep up with advances in MS. Together you can make informed decisions about how best to manage your care because what’s available to you might have completely changed since your last visit.  

The benefits of getting back in touch with your MS services

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Find out more about accessing and making the most of your MS Team

Find out more from our UK experts about:

MS Care

Learn more about how reengaging with your MS team can keep you up to date with the disease management options that might work for you.

Understanding MS

Find out about how reengaging with your MS Team can help you to understand how MS affects your body, monitor progression, identify relapses and manage your symptoms.

Resources for Friends and Family

Pick up information and practical advice to help you to support the loved one in your life living with MS, to get the care they need.

MS and MRI Scans

Understand how Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans work and their role in diagnosing, manging and monitoring MS.

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Accessing and making the most of your MS Team

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