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The physical symptoms associated with multiple sclerosis (MS) are widely known and often visible. But what about the effect MS has on your emotional wellbeing?

You and your loved ones may experience all sorts of powerful emotions and these may change day-to-day. There may be times when you feel fine and others when you feel overwhelmed. But who do you speak to about the toll MS can take on your emotional wellbeing? And what can you do if your negative feelings and thoughts start to take over everyday life? These are common questions.

Here you'll find information and resources to help you manage your emotions as well as advice on where to turn if you are struggling.

MS and emotions

MS isn’t just physical. It’s common for those living with MS to experience feelings and thoughts of anxiety and depression, along with a wide range of other emotions. Is this you or someone you are caring for? What can you do to manage these emotions so that they don’t take over? In this video, you’ll find practical guidance on how you can improve your emotions through small and regular adjustments to your daily life.

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MS and emotions

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