Accessing and making the most of your MS Team

In many cases, your GP will be your first port of call for accessing an MS Team. While GPs aren’t usually specialists in multiple sclerosis (MS), they can help you to manage your symptoms, and make life more comfortable, until you can make a long-term care plan with your MS Team.

You might feel nervous about your appointment or stressed about the uncertainty of what you should and shouldn’t be discussing, but it’s important to remember that both your GP and your MS Team are there to help. Be open and honest about the symptoms you have experienced and how you feel about your condition – the more information they have about you and your MS, the clearer the picture is for them to be able to provide the best options and advice for you.

The following tips can help you to get the most from your appointment:

  • Make a note of the symptoms you have been experiencing, and how MS has impacted your day-to-day life

  • Prioritise the topics you would like to discuss

  • Reflect on what has been working well and what has been troubling you

  • Consider whether you want someone to go with you to the appointment

  • Be honest and open-minded about your options

  • Ask questions if you need more information, or don’t fully understand something.

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